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Crystal Packs (Clear)

Crystal Pack Clear Cover Photo

Find a crystal pack (cello bag) to fit any occasion. Perfect for showcasing favors, featuring merchandise, or protecting artwork. It's what's inside that counts -- our crystal packs are crisp and clear, with no hints of cloudiness.

Made of polypropylene and 1.2 Mil thick. Clear crystal packs are made in Japan to high quality standards -- the material is highly durable, crisp and clear, and is safe for food contact. Available in four styles -- Standard, Self-sealing, Gusseted, Hangable. Bulky contents need to paired with larger crystal packs to compensate for lack of gusset.
G crystal packs have small bottom gussets, making them perfect for tall, skinny objects such as cups and bottles. G crystal packs have no side gusset.
H crystal packs have holes at the top, so you can hang the bags from hooks (no side or bottom gusset). H crystal packs make great product bags if you're selling merchandise.
R crystal packs are self-sealing (no side or bottom gusset). Peal the blue plastic off the adhesive tab (like a sticker) and fold the tab over to seal your bag. Great for flat objects, such as greeting cards and photographs.
S crystal packs are standard flat bags, with no adhesive (no side or bottom gusset). Tying the top with a ribbon or twist tie makes this a perfect party favor choice.