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Leis and Flowers Book IV

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Over the past few years, we shared with you a variety of leis and are fortunate to share another 29 beautiful and eye-catching designs.
  • 29 lei projects (Christmas Lei, Roselani Lei, Satin Lehua Lei, Sheer Rose Lei, Lace Carnation Lei, Double Rose Petals Lei, Maile and Honu Lei, Lehua Blossoms Red Lei, Lehua Blossoms Red & Orange Lei, Crochet Leihaku Lei, Cristina Lei, Lavender & Purple Crocus Lei, Yellow Crocus Lei, Fuchsia Beerries Crocus Lei, Chrysanthemum Lei, Marigold Lei, Sheer Crown Flower Lei, Bougainvillea Lei, Mulberry and Hearty Maile Lei, Mulberry Tree Pod Lei, Hearty Orchid Seed Lei, Washi Lantern Lei, 1001 Cranes Lei, Washi Money Lei, Sazzy Beaded Flower Lei, Wooden Beads with Mulberry Lei, Wooden Beeas with Lantern Ilima Lei, Honu Pom Pom Lei, and Ladybug Pom Pom Lei)
  • Published in 2003
  • Step-by-step, full color instructions

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